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Boxer Brief M-L

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Black boxer adapted to the use of dildos. The hole in the center allows you to attach compatible accessories as if it were a sexual harness.

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Boxer Brief M-L

What is it?

Not feeling entirely comfortable with sexual harnesses? this borer with hole central transforms the concept of conventional harness to offer you a much more comfortable proposal.

Enjoy your toys with greater freedom

Now you can combine the use of your intimate clothes with the use of sexual accessories. this chest and harness it's a 2-in-1 garment meant to turn your underwear into just one more erotic accessory.

In its central hole you can attaching a dildo or any cylindrical-shaped sex toy that suits its dimensions. It is a boxer and harness designed for kids who are looking above all to feel comfortable during their intimate relationships.

Seams with reinforcements to ensure stability

In order that the dildo or the cover for the penis that you use does not move from one side to the other without control, these underpants with central hole have reinforced seams in the hole.

In addition, it is an elastic fabric that adapts very well to the body and the grosos of the penetration accessory that you want to use in it. You will never have problems when playing with your partner feeling comfortable and free to adopt any position.

Inner pocket to add movement

On the inside of this black and elastic boxer you will find a small pocket. It is a design detail designed for those who enjoy penetration with a extra vibration.

In your pocket you can place the vibrating bullet and add more movement to your penetrations. A small detail of stimulation that both you and your partner will enjoy.


  • Boxer with central hole.
  • It works as a briefs and as a harness.
  • Elastic and resistant fabrics.
  • Color: black.
  • Reinforcing seams in the hole area.
  • Comfortable and simple fit. No straps.

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    Data sheet

    Brand   Calexotics
    Recommended Both
    Color Black
    Top box 22 cm
    Box width 10 cm
    Long box 5 cm
    Box weight 0.115 Kg
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Boxer Brief M-L

Boxer Brief M-L

Black boxer adapted to the use of dildos. The hole in the center allows you to attach compatible accessories as if it were a sexual harness.

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