Boxer Men 004 Metal Black Lingerie

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Boxer Men 004 Metal Black Lingerie

What is it?

Don't look for discretion with these boxers. They are designed for guys who want to draw attention and become the center of attention. And not only that: guys who have very clear where you want those looks are directed.

When you stay naked and only take jobs semi-transparent boxers of Passion Lingeriewhere you think that it will be the focus of attention? That piece of fabric with metallic effect has not been fitted in the front of the garment by pure chance. It is a call to the provocation.

You like to play?

You have one more reason why start this game of seduction and conquest. And it is clear that with this type of costumes, so sexy, so tight and so masculine, you have all the win. 

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Boxer Men Metal 004 Black Lingerie

Boxer Men 004 Metal Black Lingerie

Boxer Men 004 Metal Black Lingerie. If you do miss highlight the focus of attention, Passion has added a detail on this super sexy men lingerie garment. We already know where Iran to stop all eyes

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