Bye Bra Adhesive Realzantes Silicone (d-f)

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Product description

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Bye Bra adhesive Realzantes silicone (d-f)

BYR Bra Breast Lift Tape (d-f)

What is it?

The solution were not strapless or with straps silicone fasteners. The solution was undo is directly of the fasteners and of the unsightly marks that could ruin them necklines more attractive. With the realzantes adhesives You can already look any model while maintaining your breasts in your website.

It was a complicated decision: choose between breasts firm and well placed or a neckline tarnished by a bra that was not going to nothing. Replacing the clip by the Bye Bra adhesives the problem is over.

Placed directly on the skin of the chest and pulled them toward the top for elevations manternerlos. They are manufactured in siliconethey are very resistant and can be reused because they pulled off with ease and without causing you any reaction on your skin (they are of the same material which is commonly used in hospitals).

The blades are so thin that you can use them at any type of tissue and even put them under the bikini to go to the beach if you want to make your breasts look more plump.

Container quantity: 3 pairs (6 PCs)

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    Data sheet

    Resistant to water Submersible
    Brand   Bye Bra
    Materials Silicone
    Color Flesh
    Top box 14.5 cm
    Box width 1 cm
    Long box 21 cm
    Box weight 0.046 Kg
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Bye Bra Adhesive Realzantes Silicone (d-f)

Bye Bra adhesive enhancers silicone (d-f) the clips will no longer be a problem. Now already you can choose models with necklines more risky with the security of that your breasts van to be always well collected and of way very discreet

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