Bye Bra adhesive silicone Realzantes (f-h)

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Bye Bra adhesive silicone Realzantes (f-h)

Bye Bra Breast Lift Tape

What is it?

It is clear that here the problem is not that open back swimsuit or this strapless top. Are the clips that you have! There is no way to do that are not with your very appropriate costumes.

And clear you will not risk that breasts without restraint you spoil the party. What can you do in these cases? Susituye the bra for them adhesive silicone enhancers.

You should know...

They are so discreet that they are not noticed below the fabric, or even a bikini or bathing suit. Is adhere to them breasts with security from the areola towards the part upper for give them the clamping necessary without have that resort to a bra traditional.

In this way up to more daring costume designs you can look breasts more firm and at the appropriate height underwear leave you unsightly marks or prevents you look your sexiest models with freedom.

Content: 3 pairs of adhesives (6 pieces)

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    Data sheet

    Brand   Bye Bra
    Recommended She
    Color Transparent
    Top box 14.5 cm
    Box width 1 cm
    Long box 21 cm
    Box weight 0.054 Kg
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Bye Bra Adhesivos Realzantes Silicona (F-H)

Bye Bra adhesive silicone Realzantes (f-h)

Bye Bra adhesive silicone Realzantes (f). More than once I've seen in a situation so: a precious suit that you can not combine with any bra. You going to miss the opportunity to wear it, with it well make you feel?

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