Chastity Cover with Black Plug

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Pleasure and containment. Chastity cover with anal plug so you learn to control your instincts as you prepare for the most intense pleasure.

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Chastity Cover with Black Plug

What is it?

Is it possible to combine pleasure with containment? Find out with this original penis holster. On the one hand it acts as a chastity device containing the erection and on the other it stimulates the prostate with the exciting massage of a anal plug.

Encouraging pleasure through containment

It seems somewhat contradictory, but that's precisely what this castity case does with anal plug. It's a way to unbalance your instincts to put yourself in a limit situation that will make you experience any stimulus with much more intensity.

Insert the penis into the penis Elite silicone case and get ready for a containment exercise. As the excitement makes your limb increase in volume, so will the pressure on your limb. A unique feeling, on the boundary between pain and pleasure.

To make the experience even more intense, while the silicone lining contains your erection an anal plug will try to stimulate it. Two confronted effects that will cause pleasure to overflow.

Chastity toy with great support

Equipped with two clamping points to ensure that all parts are held in position during use. On the one hand you have the textured case on the front. It is made of semi-rigid silicone and carries a metal ring on top with a padlock that guarantees the closure of the accessory.

At the back is the anal plug that, because of its ergonomic design, not only adapts perfectly to your intimate anatomy but also stays in a fixed position. This way you can enjoy the effects of your penis case with anal plug without having to be aware of every movement.

Is it safe to wear a chastity case?

The game starts and ends wherever you decide. The stainless steel adjustable ring lock will open easily when you see fit. To do this, you have two keys. We recommend that you keep one as a security key in a place you always have under control.

All in all, this is a penis cage oriented to the prolonged use. That is why it is made of breathable silicone and also has a hole for urination at the tip. This way you won't have any excuses for taking off this penis lining before the intense sex session is over.

A high-intensity experience

the chastity accessories for men add an extra stroke of excitement to any erotic game. Ideally, use them from the first minute of the evening to take advantage of that progressive increase in arousal and make the containment effect even more noticeable.

As you fight your instincts you will notice the intense massage of the anal plug and you will want to get rid of your pleasure jail to enjoy freely of the moment. Hold on as long as you can. This is precisely what will make you reach a spectacular orgasm.


  • Chastity device with anal plug.
  • Contains the erection.
  • Stimulates G-Point.
  • Made of semi-rigid silicone.
  • Safe material.
  • Urination hole.
  • Stainless steel ring closure with padlock (2 keys).
  • 3 adjustable sizes.
  • Designed for prolonged use.
  • The kit includes: cleaner, lubricant, anal cream and nitrile glove.

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    Data sheet

    Brand   Pipedream
    Collection Anal Fantasy
    Color Black
    Recommended He
    Materials Silicone
    Diameter 5 cm
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Chastity Cover with Black Plug

Chastity Cover with Black Plug

Pleasure and containment. Chastity cover with anal plug so you learn to control your instincts as you prepare for the most intense pleasure.

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