Clamp nipples with deposit Metal

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Product description

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Clamp nipples with deposit Metal

What is it?

Metalhard is a brand that is going strong in the field of BDSM, fetish and erotic tone more uploaded games. There is more to see the originality of proposals like these clamps for nipples with deposits in which you can add more weight.

How to use this article?

Like most of clamps for nipples, one end is fitted with a pressure close to adhere firmly to your skin

The particularity of this proposal is that it also includes some hanging deposits on the opposite side. What do you serve? They are metal goblets in which you can place water, lubricant, weights or anything that you pass by the mind in order to increase the pressure exerted on the nipple clamp.


  • Clamp nipple shield.
  • It includes hanging Goblet-shaped tank.
  • Article manufactured in stainless steel.
  • Enter what you want in the hub to increase the pressure of the clamp.

Dimensions: 15.5 cm x 7.1 cm.

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    Data sheet

    Resistant to water Submersible
    Brand   Metal Hard
    Materials Metal
    Recommended Both
    Color Metal
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Pinza Pezones con Depósito Metal

Clamp nipples with deposit Metal

Submission games are a perfect setting for innovation and originality. With these clamps for nipples with deposit, you'll experience revolutionary feelings.

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