Clamps for nipples with Rattlesnake

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Product description

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Clamps for nipples with Rattlesnake

Nipple Teasers

What is it?

As you can control the pressure that these clamps are closed on your nipples, you will never feel uncomfortable. Simply adjust them to have exactly the stimulating effect you want and get ready to play.

The most fun of these clamps for nipples It is that each one of them hangs a Merry Jingle Bell. So, even if you keep the lights off always will have a track of where you go.

You should know...

Play this particular erotic hideout with your partner and enjoy the moment. These clamps for nipples are made of iron but covered in the ends with a soft material and soft that they make you always feel comfortable. 

    Data sheet

    Brand   Toy Joy
    Materials Metal
    Recommended She
    Color Purple
    Collection Basics
    Top box 14 cm
    Box width 8 cm
    Long box 7.5 cm
    Box weight 0.016 Kg
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Clamps for nipples with Rattlesnake

Clamps for nipples with rattlesnakes. Turn off the lights and sharpens the ear. That jingle approaching is a very affectionate Pussycat who is willing to curl up in your lap so you give heat

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