Classic vibrators - classic vibrators correspond to the category most widespread within the field of vibrators. There is a wide range in shapes and sizes as well as colors and materials. They are simple vibrators and possessing a great ease of use. You could say that in this section we offer the range of vibrators which correspond to dildos with the added function of vibration. We offer many brands, prices, and options to select which best suits your needs.


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What are traditional vibrators or classic vibrators?

They began as a therapeutic tool and then become the most popular autostimulation devices and, for some time, in a more complement of the couple games.

The classic vibrators are the essence of masturbation with penetration and to become familiar with the extensive market of erotic toys there is nothing better than to start with a device like this, as basic as it is essential. The classic vibrators are commonly referred to as normal vibrators, as in this section are the pleasure toys that do not include too many features, just a vibration motor.

What material do I choose?

All of the classic vibrators in this section are designed to safely enjoy your sexual experiences. The choice of a material is a very personal thing that is based on the expectations you have.

However, we recommend the classic gelatin or jelly vibrators if you are still starting to use these devices. The next step would be latex and finally the silicone. It could be said that this is a high end material, more rigid but very soft and hygienic, especially if you want to share your toys with someone else.

Tips for a more pleasurable stimulation

  • Lubricate your vibrator: The most enjoyable thing is that it slides into your interior with comfort, so it uses lubricants whose composition is compatible with its manufacturing material. You won't get tired of your onslaught.

  • Cold/Heat Effects: Depending on the material they have been made from, the classic vibrators may be more or less sensitive to temperature changes. Some of these materials heat up after a running time and provide you with warmer penetrations. Others can cool them even with the water in the shower before using them in the vagina or anus. These temperature changes are very stimulating.

  • Best in company: Classic vibrators are not toys that are limited to pleasure alone. Include in your bedroom practices and dare, for example, with those double penetrations that until now were only part of your fantasies.

A history lesson on vibrators

The vibrators began to be used as therapeutic tools at the end of the nineteenth century. His goal was to cure the symptoms of a pathology that doctors of the time had baptized as ' female hysteria ' and that, in reality, was no disease but the natural reactions of hormonal changes experienced by women during their cycles.

In any case, the macho practices allowed further progress in the advancement of masturbation and the design of the sex toy par excellence. The classic vibrator is the most sold stimulation device in the history of sextoys.

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