Product Returns

Product Returns

Due to the type of products we deal in our store and be cataloged as not transferable to others intimate products, current legislation prevents us make returns of our articles. This includes changes for similar items but of different sizes or colors.

However, they return and change of defective items of origin shall be allowed to be diversual who will take care of the shipping, where delivery is made in the original packaging. The change can only be made by a product exactly like the original, including the model, size and color.

Getting Back in diversual

first: Upload a notice on our contact us section indicating the reference of the article and the reason for return, explaining what does not work or is defective

Second: Enter the article in its original box and this in turn in a cardboard box in shipping. We can serve you we originally sent

Third: We'll send you an RMA number to your e-mail, you'll need to paste into the box for shipping. With this code is not necessary to put shipping address

Fourth: Take the package to the post office and go. All expenses are covered.

Once we get the package will send similar to the same address will receive a few days item.