Product returns

Product returns


In diversual we want to facilitate you the returns so that you do them of the simplest possible way.

1) You do not like? Have you changed your mind?

Do not worry. You have until 14 calendar days since you receive the order to decide if you stay or not. If you decide to return it, you will be refunded the full costs of the products purchased.

2) Do you have a defect? Use warranty

We offer a 2 years warranty to ensure that during that time your article continues to work. Not the usual, but if your product has a problem receiving it, we take care of all the costs so that you have a product working perfectly as soon as possible.



How to make a return


1) Tell us

Send us a notice in our contact section indicating the reference of the article and the reason for the return, explaining what does not work, what is defective, or what is the reason for wanting to return it (optional). In the cases of defective products we recommend to make some photos or even a video where the disadvantages are appreciated, this way the procedures with the returns department are greatly accelerated.

2) Prepare the package

Insert the item in its original box and turn it into a carton for shipping. It can serve you that we have originally sent you or another of similar dimensions.

3) Send it with a tag

In case of defective product, we will send an RMA code to your e-mail, which you will have to paste in the box to make your shipment. With this code it is not necessary to put shipping address because it is already on the label that we sent you. This will serve to identify the article and be able to manage transport costs.

In the cases of return by withdrawal during the first 14 calendar days, these transportation costs would be borne by the customer. Take the parcel to the post office and go. In case you have the label you do not have to worry about anything because all expenses are covered.

Once the package arrives we will send you another article similar to the same address that you will receive in a few days or we will enter the amount in the account that you tell us, we would cancel the charge of the card or we would send you a discount voucher for the amount of the product , what you prefer.



kind of returns

Withdrawal Return

Due to the typology of products that we deal with in our store and are products classified as non-transferable close to other people, current legislation prevents us from returning our items in the event that they are not sealed properly. This includes changes for similar items but of different sizes or colors.

Please note that most of our products are for intimate and personal use, therefore the customer will be responsible for the decrease in value of the goods resulting from a different handling than necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods.

Return for defective

The warranty for all products is 2 years. The product is replaced by one of the same model, size and color. The store assumes all return and shipping costs during the first fourteen calendar days. In case this reference is not in stock, a similar one agreed with the customer would be sought or the amount of its value would be refunded.

For more information on these types of returns you can look aquí.

Note: You can check our terms of use where the conditions of return are presented from a legal point of view taking into account the current legislation.