Product returns for defective products

Product returns

It is not usual, but we know that sometimes the products may come defective from the factory. In these cases diversual assumes all the costs of return and shipment of the products. 

The product always has to be the same , therefore, no refunds of defective products will be allowed by others, even if they are for a lower value than initially purchased, nor for the cost thereof. This is because we have a commitment with the manufacturer to assume any costs associated with products that are not in perfect condition.

The only exception to this will be when we do not have stock of that product, in which case we will offer the customer the possibility of recovering the amount paid or a substitute product.

To carry out the management it is essential to have the original box , in order to be able to confirm which version of the product is treated for possible replacement or repair by the manufacturer.

How to make the return in diversual for being defective

First: Send us a notice in our contact section indicating the reference of the article and the reason for the return, explaining what does not work or what is defective. We recommend to make some photos or even a video where the inconveniences are appreciated, this way the procedures with the return department are greatly accelerated.

From this moment an RMA process of return begins where the returns department manages the costs.

Second: Enter the item in its original box and this in turn in a carton for shipping. It can serve you that we have originally sent you or another of similar dimensions.

Third: We will send an RMA code to your e-mail, which you will have to paste in the box to make your shipment. With this code it is not necessary to put shipping address because it is already on the label that we sent you. This will serve to identify the article and be able to manage transport costs. 

Fourth: Take the parcel to the post office and go. With the label you do not have to worry about anything because all expenses are covered.

Once the package arrives we will send you another article similar to the same address that you will receive in a few days.

Recommendations before starting a defective product return process

Experience has taught us that distance selling can make it difficult to correctly explain the mode of use of the items, and many of our customers think the product is defective when in are not making correct use. That is why we recommend you validate the following point:

Firts: Validate that the batteries you are using are connected correctly. It seems obvious, but in many cases this can be confusing in many of our products. We recommend you try several positions before dismissing this as one of the possible failures.

Second: Check that the batteries are charging correctly. For this we recommend using new batteries. From experience we know that used batteries can play tricks. The power required is different in each electronic device and it is possible that the charging of batteries that do operate a remote control will not serve for an erotic toy.

Third: Check that you are making correct use of the product. For example the activation buttons are different in each model. In some cases a long pulsation is required and in others a pulsation with a dry blow. Do several tests before dismissing this as the cause of malfunction.

Cases where the product was finally NOT defective

In case that when we receive the merchandise the product is in perfect conditions, we will charge the customer the amount of the postage to be able to send it to him again. This will be done with a virtual product of re-issue that the customer will have to pay by means of credit card or Paypal (non-refundable). Once the payment has been made, we will send the same product.

For these reasons we always strongly recommend that the customer ensure that the product is indeed defective.

Warranties on all products for two years

In the event that the product is defective and more than 14 calendar days have passed since the order was received, a guarantee service is still provided for the first two years. These cases are contemplated the same as the defective products with the only exception that the customer must send the product by its own means to our dependencies. 

It should be noted that the warranty does not cover the normal damages that a product may have had due to normal use, nor the damages they may have due to misuse of the product (such as wetting or forcing them).