About us

We know that buying items for adults can be difficult for many people, first by the modesty that may involve going to a sex shop directly, and secondly because the online offer does not usually give enough information. We thought there was still a way to buy sex toys in a comprehensive way in our country. So I started our idea of what should be diversual


Our project begins to take shape in mid-2012 with even very vague ideas of what we wanted to do. About the end of September we encourage you to mount an online store, at least one domain, where you can start building the structure of what would eventually diversual.

There have been many hours of work and sleepless nights combining it with other jobs, but eventually the effort was worthwhile. We managed to mount a web of interest in the network to feel really proud.

We know that we still have a long way to go and we are just the first stop of what we hope is a long history.

What we offer

We have a full and varied selection of products, offering the best brands and items that we consider more interesting. All presented in a neat and clear.

Also customer service quality with fast and discreet shipping, locking with companies more efficient transport.

What sets us apart

We have a nice and healthy image where visitors to our web sit at home. Inform, share and have fun is our main goal. Leaving aside the prejudices hope you find you need to make your sex life more interesting and complete.

Who is behind diversual.com?

In diversual many people involved, and even some companies help us constantly, but the partners are Puria and Fernando.

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