Is the purchase safe in the online sex shop diversual?

We assure that making a purchase through the portal of diversual.com and its subsequent payment by internet is 100% safe, since all sensitive user information, such as the card number, address or phone is transmitted through safe methods such as PayPal payment gateways or encrypted telematic controls, what is the same technology that banks use to carry out their transactions.

How long will it take to receive the orders at my address?

En diversual We are only working with fast shipping companies. So you will be able to have your products bought in 24 / 48h (1 or 2 business days at most) if the order is destined for the Spanish peninsula. This is so since depending on the time in which the order is placed, it is delivered on the delivery note that day to the transport company.

On Saturdays and Sundays there are no delivery of delivery notes, so that orders processed at the weekend will be shipped on Monday the first hour and delivered 24 hours later at your destination.

If I am only at certain hours at home, how can I ask to receive it at some time during the day?

You can report a comment for the delivery during the purchase process and it will be transmitted to the transport company. This way you can specify a range of hours or some particular action like calling a certain phone before.

Transport companies leave annotations in the destination mailboxes in case nobody is available at the delivery address. They will attempt to deliver the destination packages repeatedly until delivery, and will use the telephone number provided during the purchase process to agree with the customer an hour of delivery in the necessary cases.

Can I pick up the package in an office instead of being mailed to my address?

If you prefer that the transport agency does not go to your home, work place or other personal destination, you can also choose to have it sent to an office of a transport agency . We work with the post offices (the most common), where they will send you an SMS when your order is available to be picked up.

You can also request that we send it to the offices of the agencies of Seur, Nacex and MRW. We'll let you know when you can pick it up. And do not worry about the address, just put your own and, in case you have chosen the delivery in office, the system will look for the office closest to your address.

Can I pay with my credit card or my paypal account?

We have a very secure payment gateway available for our users who do not need to have a paypal account. Simply enter the card number and the security code on the back to make the purchase.

Can I pay my order on a refund?

Yes, you can pay the amount of the product in cash at the time of delivery. It is convenient to have the money just to give the dealer, since they do not usually carry change.

Why not add the products that I select to the basket?

Normally browsers are fully adapted and configured to allow purchases on our portal. If you notice that during the purchase process the products are not being added to the basket you must change the security settings of your browser. Tools & gt; Internet Options & gt; Privacy and you can assign a medium level to support cookies.

Can you ship abroad?

We ship to all countries in Europe, North America and Latin America. The shipping costs are updated at the time of making the purchase according to the destination and weight of the merchandise. To know the exact price, make an order test to see the details in the shopping basket (no registration required), or simply ask our customer service.  

Can I pay in different currencies than the EURO?

We only work in EUROS, however as purchases outside Spain are always made through Paypal or credit or debit card, the system will automatically convert to the currency of the card taking into account the current exchange rate of the Stock market.