Discretion is important to us

Discretion Policy

In diversual we know that for our clients discretion is fundamental for the type of products we distribute, that is why we make a special effort to ensure that our orders are processed in a confidential and safe, preventing family, friends or acquaintances can perceive what is received. Between the Erotic Stores we are a reference to follow in subjects of discretion.

Below are the points we have in mind to ensure this policy of discretion by making our customers feel comfortable buying in our store:

FIRST. Completely safe and non-distinctive packaging

We use fully sealed cartons, wrapped in wrapping paper and without any information of what it transports. Anyone who can see the package will not be able to identify the content inside. No logos, no names, no images that could give you any idea.

We always deal with standard packages of square shape so that neither size nor shape can give any additional information.

SECOND. Fully confidential sender

The name of the sender that appears in the shipment does not match with the commercial name of the website, but with the fiscal name that does not refer to any sexual content. It will be impossible to know from the sender's name what is inside the package. As sender we put "Logistic Operator".

THIRD. Your personal data handled safely

All the data that you have provided us through the forms of the online store will not be transferred or sold to third parties and we assure the total confidentiality of the same ones.

The customer has the option to unsubscribe from our database indicating his customer number and his request to leave. Your personal data will be deleted immediately from our system. All the users can make use of their right of modification or deletion of the same transmitting it through a communication of diversual.com being always record of the same one. To do this you can go to the email info@diversual.com, or to the postal address Av. Comunidad Valenciana, 26 Blo.1, Esc.1, 2ºB, 03550 Sant Joan d'Alacant, Alicante.

This website uses a technology called "cookies", and we use it to gather information about the visits and to use it to improve our service, as well as to offer different services in social media. To know more about the details of how we use this technology you can consult our cookie usage policy. 

FOURTH. Delivered in a professional manner

The messenger service does not know what it transports , since it does not carry any identification of what it contains and is simply a package more than the ones delivered on a daily basis. The distribution houses with which we have been working are Seur, Nacex, MRW, Correos y GLS, that treat the merchandise in a professional and private way, without intention to know or, to want to know, what is what they are transporting.

FIFTH. Information in your bank account

In the extract of your bank account, if you have done it by card, do not provide any information of the purchase to which it refers. In the movements of your bank will only put "WEB PURCHASE".

It should be noted that in the case that the order is made through Paypal , this payment method obliges us to notify the description of the products purchased, in the movements of the application of Paypal (only in the application, but not in the bank account). It is a legislative issue that we can not avoid.