How to buy in our sex shop

How to buy on

As we know that not everyone is used to make their shopping on internet, here you can find the steps to place an order in our sex shop online in order to make the shopping experience easy for anyone:

STEP 1. Products selection.

In this first step the user will be able to visualize and select the products which he is interested on the sex shop. It has a wide range of categories and articles to choose from.

Going to the product specifications you can see all the product data including the description, photos, price, and select the units number you want to order. For that, you just have to click the "add to cart" and the purchase pending components number will change in the shopping cart icon.

STEP 2.Products confirmation.

As you add items to the shopping cart the number, that appears in the upper right corner of the cart icon, will increase.

 Each time a product is added to the cart, it is direct send to the page where the order is placed, where the user can choose to do the order or continue adding other items to the cart.

STEP 3.To do the shopping.

When you have finally decided to complete the order, you have 3 options to formalize it.

1.- Place the order as a guest. Where you can enter your data reception without login. It is the easiest way to process an order in our store, however it will not register any user.

2.- Enter with your personal data. If you already have a client account created you can access by entering your username and password.

3.- New account in diversual . You can login in the system as a new user at the time of purchase. After that, You will be asked for your personal data. All data entered will be processed confidentiality by diversual.

STEP 4. Delivery.

Here we request the delivery address of the order giving the option to use the same address provided during the user's login or entering a new delivery address.

STEP 5. Payment.

In we have several payment modalities once all the previous steps have been completed. This is the last and final step and it entails the order confirmation.

1. Payment by card (credit or debit): If you select this payment mode, you will be redirected to the secure payment gateway by card, where you can choose the type of card to make the payment through a secure payment.

2. Payment with your Paypal account: You can enter your data from your Paypal account. Will be redirected to Paypal payment gateway.

3. Cash on delivery (only Spain): You can also make the cash on delivery at the time of receiving the order by courier.

STEP 6. Order confirmation.

This step presents the order summary, with the details and prices of the requested products, the delivery address as well as the payment method. You should click the "Confirm Purchase" button and your order will be processed.

STEP 7. Processed order.

The order is being processed correctly. Congratulations! A message will be sent to your email address detailing the details.

For any additional questions you can contact us through the telephone customer service (+34 965 641 172) or in our contact section.