Durex lubricant Play effect heat 50 ml

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Durex lubricant Play effect heat 50 ml

What is it?

We do not doubt that they lack warmth to your intimate relationships, but what it proposes you Durex with your lubricant effect heat goes far beyond that.

Apply it in the vagina, anus, or penis and get ready to enjoy a truly burning insights. The Durex lubricant with heat effect is not only intended to raise the temperature of your sexual encounters, but to bring them up to unimaginable limits.

You should know...

Being a product with water-based It does not stain and is not at all sticky. Skin absorbs quickly and makes the contact more sliding, even in the case that you use condoms.

The heat effect increases the pleasure of each stimulus and makes the couple experience especially exciting.

Container quantity: 50 ml

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    Brand   Durex
    Recommended Both
    Collection Durex Play
    Efecto calor
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Lubricante Durex Play Efecto Calor 50 ml

Durex lubricant Play effect heat 50 ml

Durex lubricant Play effect heat 50 ml. prepare your skin for more intense sensations with this lubricant that will make ardent caresses. Thermometers soar with the Durex Play heat effect

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