Eros Lube silicone toy 100 ml

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Eros Lube silicone toy 100 ml

Eros Toy Silicone Glide 100 ml

What is it

While having fun with your sex toys it is common to lose the sense of force and intensity. Without knowing it, the friction of your sex toys on the genitals may be stronger than you can imagine and, once reached the climax, you realize that perhaps have given them too much 'cane'.

But you don't why giving up the most intense pleasures. Just get ready for them. And one of the most effective ways of creating the perfect scenario is using sex toys silicone lubricants like this Eros brand.

It is a concentrated product of intimate hydration you can apply without problem on all types of sex toys. Your comforters, dildos, plugs and vibrators provide a much more pleasant sensual experience If do spend you a few minutes the proper hydration before starting to play.

You should know...

Eros products have a highly durable sliding capacity. It is a very valuable feature in a sexual lubricant since it allows you to make a single application on your genitals or your sex toys and forget the matter.

Concentrate on the pleasure and intense sensations that gives this silicone based lubricant. A wet and exciting proposal so you can enjoy a few more sliding and safe games.

Container quantity: 100 ml.

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    Data sheet

    Brand   Eros
    Materials Silicone
    Recommended Both
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Eros Lubricante Silicona para Juguetes 100 ml

Eros Lube silicone toy 100 ml

It is worth to take the trouble of lubricating your sex toys before you get to the subject. It is not just a matter of pleasure but a safety issue.

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