Erotic horoscope Virgo Kit

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Erotic horoscope Virgo Kit

Bijoux Indiscrets Horoscope Virgo Kit

What is it?

Your zodiac sign is something that does not happen unnoticed in the bed. Perhaps no one had told you yet, but the astros also exert influence in your erotic attitude.

To satisfy the girls virgo, the prestigious brand of accessories Bijoux Indiscrets has designed this original sensual kit. A combination of elements that will certainly make you see the stars.


 In this erotic Kit for Virgo sign It has taken into account even the smallest detail. A box of triangular design, perfect for a gift, inside which you will find:

  • A vibrating bullet that fits the finger and that can be in any part of your anatomy to discover remote pleasures.
  • A cream Orgasmic which will enhance the feelings of each rub and caress.
  • A pendant with a Citrine Orange Stone, which corresponds to your virgo sign. Your energy will transport you to a much more intense orgasm.

La piedra Virgo

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Erotic horoscope Virgo Kit

Erotic horoscope Virgo Kit

Did you know that the stars have a lot to say about how you interact in the bed? Bijoux Indiscrets has created this collection of erotic accessories to prove it.

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