Fetish nipple chain clamps

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Fetish nipple chain clamps

Fetish Fantasy Nipple Chain Clamps

What is it?

When nipples retrieved part of the role that has been taken from them, you discover that you had forgotten very unfairly in this area of your body so erotic. The Fetish Fantasy chains clamps It will remind you of why the nipples deserve their share of attention.

When you put on these Silicone tongs the first feeling is that of a light pinch that nipples soon become erect. Clips allow you to keep them so hard for much longer and give them a super attractive with the string that will be hanging between both breasts.

You should know...

These clamps for nipples of Pipedream are prepared so you can adjust the intensity of the pressure and enjoy your toy with more comfort. 

    Data sheet

    Brand   Fetish Fantasy
    Recommended He
    Color Gray
    Collection Fetish Fantasy
    Top box 24.5 cm
    Box width 17 cm
    Long box 4.5 cm
    Box weight 0.1 Kg
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Pinzas con Cadena para Pezones Fetish

Fetish nipple chain clamps

The aesthetic fetish is able to put in place the mechanisms of your most erotic imagination and what apparently are harmless pliers for nipples can become the center of your sex games

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