Have Geo Glacier

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Product description

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Have Geo Glacier

What is it?

Each Egg Tenga is a universe of sensations different from everyone else. In Tenga Geo – Glacier that universe is made up of tiny angular prisms which together provide an exciting texture to the massage of your penis.

How to use the egg Tenga Geo – Glacier?

  • Turn the egg Have so that the part of the glacier texture is inside.
  • Pour lubricant inside the egg and around the insertion hole.
  • Masturbate normally, as you would any other male hand masturbator.
  • When you're done having fun with your Tenga Geo – Glacier turn it around and wash it with water.
  • Remove moisture from inside and outside.
  • Place the egg on the base with the textured part outwards so that it finishes drying out.
  • Once dry, place the cover and store it until it is next use.


  • Egg Have textured angular prisms.
  • A sphere full of pleasure.
  • Made of durable and flexible materials.
  • Intense and exciting penetration.
  • Reversible, submersible and reusable item.

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    Data sheet

    Brand   Tenga
    Recommended He
    Color White
    Top box 11 cm
    Box width 10.5 cm
    Long box 10.5 cm
    Box weight 0.364 Kg
    Diameter 8.7 cm
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Tenga Geo Glacier

Have Geo Glacier

Small details, great sensations. Enjoy the masturbators Have with the glacier texture composed of exciting angular prisms.

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