Kissable massage effect heat oil 100 ml cherry

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Kissable massage effect heat oil 100 ml cherry

Eros Kissable Massage Gel Warming Cherry 100 ml

What is it?

Well know kissing when you use the Eros massage cherry-flavored oil. It is a product of erotic cosmetics that great during the preliminaries, for to generate ambient.

And what environment! Imagine that, from this moment, your skin will have the scent of a ripe cherry. Fleshy, juicy, tasty and very very sweet. With these features you will not miss you that your partner has decided to devote more time to the ADO.

What is this massage oil used for?

Mostly used for ir heating engines, and never better. Eros Kissable is an oil erotic massage with heat effect. If you apply a little product on the skin, masajeas gently and leave to act a few seconds, you'll notice what we mean.

You can increase those pleasant feelings with a little trick. It blows gently once the skin has begun to absorb it and you'll see that Nice tingly feeling goes through you body.

Container quantity: 100 ml.

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    Data sheet

    Brand   Eros
    Recommended Both
    Top box 15 cm
    Box width 4 cm
    Long box 4 cm
    Efecto calor
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Kissable Aceite de Masaje Efecto Calor Cereza 100 ml

Kissable massage effect heat oil 100 ml cherry

Bésame mucho! As you may know this cherry-scented massage oil you will not tire of tell your partner that you cover kissing and enjoy your sweet nudity.

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