Lubricant Eros Aqua Sensations 1000 ml

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Lubricant Eros Aqua Sensations 1000 ml

Eros Aqua Sensations 1000 ml

What is it?

Don't forget lubrication in all your erotic relationships and also during masturbation. This lubricant in 1,000 ml format allows you to enjoy the best hydration and have this important aspect of sex covered for a long time.

Why a 1,000ml pack?

Maybe you think it's a lot and it certainly is. Eros Aqua Sensations is a aqueous lubricant that hangs a lot, but it all depends on the sexual activity you maintain.

If you take advantage of any solo moment to have fun with your erotic toys and do not miss an evening as a couple without it ending in bed, then you will need a large format lubricant container. This way you will avoid shopping so assiduously.

Aqueous lubricant useful for everything

The advantage of water-based lubricants and especially Eros Aqua Sensations is that they are versatile products that you can use in virtually any material.

The Eros brand tests all its products to ensure that they do not cause allergic reactions so, in addition to being suitable for any toy, they are also suitable for all skin types.


  • Large format aqueous lubricant (1,000 ml).
  • Suitable for condoms and erotic toys of different materials.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Lightweight and easy-to-absorb base.
  • Leaves no remains or stains.
  • Long-lasting moisturizing effect.

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    Data sheet

    Brand   Eros
    Materials Water based
    Recommended Both
    Color Transparent
    Top box 27 cm
    Box width 8 cm
    Long box 8 cm
    Box weight 1.095 Kg
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Lubricante Eros Aqua Sensations 1000 ml

Lubricant Eros Aqua Sensations 1000 ml

Swipe to the depths of pleasure with an intense and durable lubricating product. Pack of 1,000 ml to ensure good hydration.

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