Lubricant Medicinal silicone for woman 30 ml

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Lubricant Medicinal silicone for woman 30 ml

Eros Silicone Glide and Care Woman 30 ml

What is it?

If there is no proper hydration of the genital tract, already you can go forgetting of having a 100% pleasant experience. Your own body is in charge of creating the environment of moisture and hydration necessary to make penetration experience smooth, safe and exciting. But sometimes nature Gets a little short and is necessary to have extra help.

This additional aid for the female lubrication comes from the hand of mark Eros. It is a medicinal silicone lubricant specifically designed for girls and with everything you need to make your intimate relationships much more satisfactory.

By its Silicone compositionIt's an intimate lubricant concentrate which, with a small amount applied to the genital area before the erotic game, provides an intense and lasting hydration during all the sexual encounter.

You should know...

This woman of Eros lubricant contains Aloe Vera and vitamin E. Two substances that favor the regeneration of the skin so that, apart from moisturizing it, this will gradually recovering its smoothness and its youth.

This is the reason which is also considered a medicinal oil. And it is that Eros is a brand that not only cares for the pleasure but by your sexual health and well-being. 

Container quantity: 30 ml.

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    Data sheet

    Brand   Eros
    Materials Silicone
    Recommended She
    Top box 10 cm
    Box width 3 cm
    Long box 3 cm
    Box weight 0.05 Kg
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Lubricante Medicinal Silicona para Mujer 30 ml

Lubricant Medicinal silicone for woman 30 ml

There is a lubricant for every moment and for every type of user. This is designed for girls who want to enjoy more of their sexual encounters. Safety, comfort and excellent hydration.

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