Male MS077 Boxer long sports white

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Male MS077 Boxer long sports white

What is it?

If you are the kind of guys who does not stop in throughout the day, keep reading. Male male lingerie brand has something that you will surely be interested.

You should know...

It's a long sports Boxer that adapts to the needs of the most demanding users. Those who not only need comfort and comfort but a type of underwear that guarantee maximum grip.

The combination of cotton and spandex They provide this white boxer a perfect level of elasticity to adapt to the curves of your body in a very comfortable and barely perceptible manner. On the other hand, thanks to the Cup of enhancementyou will get to your genitals remain always subject, something essential if you are used to make high-impact like crossfit or cycling activities. 

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    Brand   Macho Underwear
    Recommended He
    Color White
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Male MS077 Boxer long sports white

Male MS077 Boxer long sports white

Male MS077 Boxer sports long white. Certain sports activities require a more specific type of underwear. To ensure the best fit and maximum comfort, long boxer are presented as one of the best alternatives.

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