Marabou feather duster pink Secret Play

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Duster marabou Secret Play pink

What is it?

What does this Duster that makes it so special? Perhaps it depends on how you look at may seem an innocent tool to tickle or a traditional fetish accessory.

In any case it's one powerful weapon of seduction with which any lover is capable of achieving that you give up to the pleasure in the battle of the love.

Are you able to withstand these so sensual caresses without blinking?

It seems complicated... It is likely that in the notes how the soft tissue Pink Duster slips over your naked body feel the need to uncontrollable jump into his arms and go to tone more uploaded games.

Dimensions: 17 cm x 0.5 cm 

    Data sheet

    Brand   Secret play
    Recommended Both
    Color Pink
    Top box 21.5 cm
    Box width 8.5 cm
    Long box 1 cm
    Box weight 0.016 Kg
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Plumero Marabu Secret Play Rosa

Marabou feather duster pink Secret Play

You feel like a Tickle? Are a practice fun, but also very erotic. Especially if you them dan with a duster that seems to have both of innocent as of the more pure game fetish

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