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Mister Size 60 mm 36 Pcs

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Large extra-small condoms. Nominal width of 60 mm for bulky erections. Comfortable fit and maximum protection.

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Mister Size 60 mm 36 Pcs

What is it?

Trouble finding a condom of your size? Mister Size also works with large sizes. Benefit from these latex condoms with nominal width of 60 mm and enjoy sex more comfortably.

Condoms for bulky erections

The most complicated thing when choosing a good condom is not so much its texture or the choice of a material as its adjustability. On penises of 60 mm nominal width this can be a problem.

Mister Size makes it easy thanks to its line of condoms for bulky erections. this transparent latex condom it adapts perfectly to the thickness of your penis and stays fixed in its position so that you do not experience any discomfort during your intimate encounters.

High quality extrafine latex

Safety is guaranteed with these latex condoms. It is a prerequisite in a condom to offer optimal protection.

Although the manufacturing material of these large condoms is very thin, there is no risk of breakage. Condoms are the most efficient way to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Saving pack of 36 units

Buy in large quantities and save on money and worries. With this pack of 36 units you make sure that you always have a quality condom on hand and designed to suit you.

Finding 60mm condoms is not always an easy task. Do not complicate yourself and buy your Mister Size condoms in a comfortable pack so you do not have to keep looking.


  • Large condoms.
  • Nominal width of 60 mm.
  • Ultrafine condoms.
  • Made of latex with lubrication.
  • Transparent and tasteless.
  • Quantity of the container: 36 units.

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    Brand   Mister Size
    Materials Latex
    Recommended He
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Mister Size 60 mm 36 Uds

Mister Size 60 mm 36 Pcs

Large extra-small condoms. Nominal width of 60 mm for bulky erections. Comfortable fit and maximum protection.

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