New Jockstrap 007 red / black man

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New Jockstrap 007 red / black man

What is it?

If the thong is the most popular female erotic garment, its equivalent in the male field would be jock strap. A suspensory briefs of stretch fabric and designs that are risky for kids that the sensual dare not challenge no.

If some time ago you before this happened the boxer, briefs and thongs, the time has come to give a triple somersault erotic and move to the sphere of the sexiest still. Right there is where you'll find so attractive such proposals jock strap red and black.

You should know...

If you do not know this kind of garment, you will learn the keys to your design. At the front all has the appearance of a type underpants traditional slip, with the proviso that the penis and testicles are collected in a kind of sheath tighter than usual.

But you will see how truly different in the back design of the garment. Here the underpants adopted the image of a boxer turned into thong and he had booted him two pieces of fabric so that his buttocks were exposed. That is the most exciting?

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New Jockstrap 007 Rojo / Negro Hombre

New Jockstrap 007 red / black man

New Jockstrap 007 red / black man. Appearances are deceptive and, when it comes to athletic male, what does not seem more than the classic type slip underwear is that it becomes something far more risky.

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