Noriplay Energizing Sliding Gel 500 ml

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Noriplay Energizing Sliding Gel 500 ml

What is it?

Nature is on your side in this stimulating gel. A product of erotic cosmetics with natural ingredientss that will make you recover the energy to enjoy sex more intensely.

Melee massages

This gel ultra-slip effect it is oriented to a very special type of erotic massage: the one that is done melee. Use any corner of your skin to give pleasure to contact with other skin.

This variety of Japanese massage it is only possible when erotic cosmetic articles are used to facilitate such sensual slippage. For its special composition, this gel of natural ingredients is perfect for japanese massage nuru.

Seaweed extracts

The main basis of composition of Noriplay Gel are the extracts of Seaweed and of roots like the ginko biloba and the ginseng. These are all natural ingredients with proven stimulating effects that will make this sensual experience reactivate your senses.


  • Gel for Japanese massage nuru.
  • Skin-to-skin massages.
  • Stimulating effect.
  • Ultra-slipy texture.
  • Made with natural ingredients: seaweed extract, ginseng and ginko biloba.
  • Container quantity: 500 ml.

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    Brand   Orgie
    Recommended Both
    Top box 9 cm
    Box width 9.5 cm
    Long box 18 cm
    Box weight 0.69 Kg
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Noriplay Gel Deslizante Energizante 500 ml

Noriplay Energizing Sliding Gel 500 ml

Recover energy with each caress. Gel for erotic massage with energizing effect. Natural ingredients that put you in tune.

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