Oval leather riding crop duster Fuchsia marabou

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Oval leather riding crop duster Fuchsia marabou

What is it?

The intensity and the hardness of the fetish or bondage do not have to be painful. It is true that there is a very exciting erotic component in that and whip your partner with a leather whip, but the situation is more intense if you combine those beats with some suggestive strokes.

You should know...

This whip fetish is that double side. On the one hand, that of a rigid toy for more intense practices. On the other, that of a delicate Marabou Duster to offset the surface pain with sweet caresses.

    Data sheet

    Brand   Secret play
    Recommended She
    Color Pink
    Top box 10 cm
    Box width 40 cm
    Long box 1 cm
    Box weight 0.04 Kg
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Fusta Cuero Ovalada Plumero Marabu Fucsia

Oval leather riding crop duster Fuchsia marabou

Oval leather riding crop duster Fuchsia marabou. Your most sensual whipping have touch leather and marabou. A super exciting contrast that you can surprise your partner in these intense sessions of submission.

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