Pack 5 Hedy X-Reaction

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Pack 5 Hedy X-Reaction

What is it?

What do you hope to get from your TPE masturbating eggs? Think of all those sensations and multiply them by two. This collection of reversible sleeves doubles the fun thanks to its textures inside and out.

Super flexible material, maximum comfort

To experience pleasure you have to feel comfortable. You will get a lot out of the double texture of this TPE masturbation sleeve because it is extremely flexible and adapts to your needs.

On one side you have sensational textures with honeycomb shape. A very sweet masturbation! On the other hand the massage gains in intensity with irregular shapes that accompany each penetration.


  • Dual-use TPE masturbator.
  • Original textures inside and outside.
  • One face with a honeycomb shape and another with an irregular surface.
  • Suitable for use with lubricants (included).
  • Dimensions: 5.6 x 5.6 x 10 cm
  • Quantity of the container: 5 units.

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    Data sheet

    Resistant to water Submersible
    Brand   Svakom
    Materials TPE
    Recommended He
    Color White
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Pack 5 Hedy X-Reaction

Pack 5 Hedy X-Reaction

Discover the two sides of pleasure. Reversible male masturbator with exciting textures inside and out. You won't want to stop.

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