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Sensefeel Perfume Pheromones Woman

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Sensefeel Woman Perfume Pheromones Woman 50 ml

What is it?

Do you take advantage of all your women's guns? Maybe you're missing a very important one: pheromones. this feminine perfume it helps you release those chemicals that drive them crazy.

Sensual fragrances with a floral touch

Sensefeel for Woman is a women's perfume with floral and fruity notes. A perfect complement for any occasion that presents a fresh and soft aroma with aphrodisiac effect.

Two of its basic components are white jasmine and carob, two vegetable ingredients that favor the copulina production, the female pheromone.

30 minutes to have them on the boat

The potential for attracting this perfume with female pheromones it starts to be effective from 30 minutes after application and is maintained for hours. Apply it to the neck and wrists, the areas that are most exposed to contact with others, to make the most of your abilities.


  • Perfume with pheromones for women.
  • It enhances the production of copulina.
  • Floral and fruity base.
  • Includes extracts of white jasmine and carob.
  • Effects from 30 minutes.
  • Container quantity: 50 ml.

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Sensefeel Perfume Feromonas Mujer

Sensefeel Perfume Pheromones Woman

Floral perfume for women with aphrodisiac effect. Take advantage of the power of pheromones. Fresh and seductive aroma.

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