Sex Dice

Dice erotic and sex to make your intimate experiences a game. Let luck decide the position you are going to practice tonight and leave what exit beam case dice. It's a very popular accessory among the erotic games couples. In some cases the faces of a single given specified posture that you practice, in others they are actions such as Kiss, lick or touch, and parts of the body where you have to complete them. Do you dare to leave in the hands of the goddess Fortune your intimate games? We assure you that you are going to have a very good :)

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  • 5,20 €

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    Because of the sexual positions sex. Let the destination be who decides on the sexual position you are going to do today with your partner

    5,20 €
  • 5,70 €


    Phosphorescent sex dice pair. Actions and places. A nice couple of information for a phosphorescent dice that will resolve the erotic plan of a simple and original way tonight.

    5,70 €
  • 6,10 €


    Cronomasutra game couples sex. Do you like challenges? This does not have anything risky and you win or you lose going to spend great while you try to achieve victory by avoiding orgasm.

    6,10 €
  • 8,70 €

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    Happy Lola dice orgy of love. From the Parcheesi there has been no one as simple as entertaining board game

    8,70 €
  • 7,60 €

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    The Petits candy love dies. They say that in love random plays an important role. As well, with these love dies you can play at the level that you want, since you can customize to your liking so you put the intensity that interests you according to the time

    7,60 €
  • 12,30 €


    It says Play game of dice Color. To start the game! Rolls the dice and follow you to the consequences. You leave that out, you are going to enjoy much of this erotic game in which most importantly have fun.

    12,30 €
  • 5,80 €


    As with positions of the Kamasutra. You roll the die and choose the position you are going to do today with your partner! It's a die illustrate where 6 different kamasutra positions

    5,80 €
  • 4,90 €


    Because of sex with different positions. A small die with several sexual positions to let the desnido decide the experience you'll have with your partner. do you dare?

    4,90 €
  • 6,30 €


    Anti-stress dice pink medium. All afternoon by pressing this so nice as to touch can spend, but if you want to put an end once and for all the stress, call your partner and ask him to join a game.

    6,30 €
  • 6,60 €


    Given anti-stress medium orange. Lucky in the game, unlucky in love. That saying is doesn't meet this anti-stress dice that gather the most fun of the game and the most pleasant of love.

    6,60 €
  • 7,90 €


    Erotic of 5 dice game. It is a spicy and fun erotic game based on 5 dice. You can play 2 or more people wanting to have fun

    7,90 €
  • 11,80 €


    Super says Play great dice game. Combining positions and places with this thought given sex game for lovers who are hooking up big. A classic partner game that will make you have a very fun time.

    11,80 €
  • 15,50 €


    Dies of sexual stress love. Tonight, the fate decides for you. The goal is to achieve that you desestreses and enjoy the moment. The means to achieve this are original and varied. The result? Always pleasant.

    15,50 €
  • 6,80 €


    Sex dice game. Is presented in an original container in the shape of heart, and contains two dice representing positions instead of numbers of the Kamasutra

    6,80 €
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