Have fun with your couple with an erotic surprise kit where has been taken care every detail.

What is a Diversual SexBox?

The SexBox are boxes that include different erotic toys for a special experience to enjoy with your couple. You have 3 different models to choose according to your taste and the intensity you are looking for. The key of Diversual SexBox is its design and originality. The most common is to use them as a gift or as a complement for a special night between lovers.

Where can I find them?

SexBox is currently only available in this web and in some hotels and tourist accommodation. At this moment you can find them in Spanish establishments that offer them to their customers as amenities within their service offer.

If you would like to know where to enjoy them contact us and we will let you know which are the establishments that currently have them in your province. You can do it through our contact section or calling us here +34 965 641 172.

Learn more about sexbox

If you would like to know more about Diversual SexBox you can find more information here

  • Black Box - Sexbox Black Color
    45,00 €

     (34)   6

    Black Box - Sexbox Black Color

    Black Box. You die of curious to taste the pleasures of fetish play? He opens this Sex Box of Diversual and let that your instincts guide you through an erotic experience reserved for the most daring lovers.

    45,00 €
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  • Blue Box - Sexbox Blue Color
    35,00 €

     (23)   3

    Blue Box - Sexbox Blue Color

    Blue Box | Body binding. The most romantic and passionate night begins with a simple touch. Enjoy butt of skin contact with the skin with the help of the most sensual Sex Box Diversual.

    35,00 €
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