Tasty Fruits Kiwi and strawberry 100 ml lubricant

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Tasty Fruits Kiwi and strawberry 100 ml lubricant

Eros Tasty Fruits Flavoured Lubricant Kiwi Strawberry 100 ml

What is it?

If you do not get too hungry to the bedroom, will have to do something to wake up your appetite. In Diversual we have always been supporters of some good preliminary games that allow you to go warming to enjoy a perfect evening.

With the flavors Eros Tasty Frutis Flavoured lubricant the proposal is very simple. Take advantage of those initial moments of the evening to go by mouth. We speak not only figuratively. With this lubricant you'll have to use the language.

It is a product of erotic cosmetics to make sex a very tasty experience. You can use it to make a aromatic massageto give some very sweet kisses, to savor the most intimate parts of your partner.

No matter the use you give to this too lubricant of Strawberry and kiwi because one thing is clear: where it falls, there will be an explosion of pleasure and fun.

You should know...

The water-based lubricants they are a commodity in the bedside table. Provide you hydration and softness, care essential so that your skin is always ready for love. Don't forget them even when you use a condom: are two perfectly compatible accessories. 

Container quantity: 100 ml.

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    Data sheet

    Brand   Eros
    Materials Water based
    Recommended Both
    Top box 15 cm
    Box width 4 cm
    Long box 4 cm
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Tasty Fruits Lubricante de Kiwi y Fresa 100 ml

Tasty Fruits Kiwi and strawberry 100 ml lubricant

There where you leave a drop of lubricant Eros Tasty Fruits drop a few minutes of fun. Play, massage, lick, taste... This lubricant flavors will open the appetite.

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