The Secret 10 in 1 Aphrodisiac 200 ml

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The Secret 10 in 1 Aphrodisiac 200 ml

The Secret Seduction Elixir 10 in 1 200 ml

What is it?

Routine skin and hair care can also help to put a touch of desire on your day-to-day life. The Secret is a erotic elixir creamy touch that works as a moisturizer and as a restorative product for damaged hair.

10 reasons to use this elixir

The Secret is one of the most complete erotic cosmetics products. A 10 in 1 who you'll get a lot out of:

1 Moisturizing cream for the skin.

2 Open-tipped repairer.

3 Hair protector against UV rays.

4 Coloring protector.

5 Anti-frizz balm.

6 Volume generator in your hairstyle.

7 Softening hair mask.

8 Untangling product.

9 Aphrodisiac cosmetics.

10 Pheromones activator.

Leave a scented trail after your step

Apart from the 10 reasons why you should use The Secret in the regular care of your body and hair, here's a plus! Its sensational smell.

This erotic elixir for women enhances your femininity with the most inspiring aromas. Ingredients such as coconut, citronella or geranium are part of the composition base of this cosmetic product capable of enhance your natural appeal through smells.

Seduces with the help of pheromones

The High pheromones content Of The Secret is the icing on the cake. An extra that will undoubtedly be very useful when it comes to seducing that boy who has been snoring around your head for a while. He won't be able to resist the chemistry of desire!


  • Female elixir for skin and hair care.
  • Contains pheromones.
  • Aphrodisiac effect.
  • Fresh aroma, with floral and tropical touches.
  • An erotic cosmetics product that takes care of you.
  • For routine use.
  • Take advantage of your femininity.
  • Pack quantity: 200 ml.

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The Secret 10 en 1 Afrodisíaco 200 ml

The Secret 10 in 1 Aphrodisiac 200 ml

Discover the secret of desire. Erotic cosmetic product with aphrodisiac aroma that moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair.

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