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Time Lag Spray Retardante 25 ml

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Time Lag Spray Retardant 25 ml

What is it?

Delay the timing of ejaculation with the natural formula of this Intimate spray for men. It does not contain lidocaine, benzocaine, or any anesthetic.

Effective formula with natural ingredients

Time Lag is a male product compatible with all skin types. It does not irritate or have any other effect other than that of desensitize the skin to delay the timing of climax.

Applies directly on the glans and it takes just a few minutes to work. From that moment on, the effect lasts for long enough so you don't have to worry about the clock again.


  • Retardant gel for men.
  • Prolonged effect.
  • Direct application on the glans.
  • It does not contain anesthetics.
  • Quantity of the container: 25 ml.

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    Brand   Orgie
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    Top box 3 cm
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Time Lag Spray Retardante 25 ml

Time Lag Spray Retardante 25 ml

More time, more fun. Ejaculation retardant product. It contains natural ingredients and no anesthetic products.

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