Triple X Unisex Pleasure Enhancer

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Triple X Unisex Pleasure Enhancer

What is it?

Here are the 3 in 1 erotic you've always been looking for. A sensual cosmetic product designed to make for a much more intense and satisfying your partner meetings.

Triple X is a unisex erotic gel made with products that generate all kinds of original reactions in your most intimate areas. Applies shortly before intercourse and its effects last for approximately 20 minutes.

What kind of effects?

Triple X is a combination between hot, cold and vibrating sensations. A pleasure Enhancer gel that play with all kinds of exciting mixtures, because every couple enjoy in their own way.

You should know...

A few drops, a light circular massage on the genitals and wait 30 seconds. It is the process that you must follow to make this proposal for Secret Play brand starts.

Pleasure Enhancer gel is an ideal alternative for those who wish to experience much more intense sensations during sex. An original way to introduce new nuances of excitation in the relationships.

Container quantity: 15 ml.

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    Data sheet

    Brand   Secret play
    Recommended Both
    Top box 12 cm
    Box width 3.5 cm
    Long box 3.5 cm
    Box weight 0.055 Kg
    Vegan product
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Triple X Unisex Pleasure Intensificador

Triple X Unisex Pleasure Enhancer

It intensifies the pleasure by applying a small amount of this product on the genitals before sexual intercourse. A stimulator gel that will cause you the most original reactions.

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