White Duster fifty shades

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White Duster fifty shades

What is it?

Perhaps now makes you Tickle, but it will be better that you go not down the guard. What starts as a simple preliminary games with dusters to wake excitation and raise the temperature, is you can get out of hand at any time.

It is complicad to suppress the fantasies that fill your mind with each of the strokes of this accessory collection fifty shades of Grey feather. It is an erotic complement of innocent-looking, but depending on the person who uses it, the time and place, it can be much more dangerous than you can imagine.

You should know...

Enjoy the velvety touch of these long natural feathers, but stay alert: that night shift may occur at any time.

  • Made of luxurious feathers with natural long assorted for Tickle, it causes a sensory enjoyment.
  • Length; 37 cm

Dimensions: 37 cm.

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    Brand   Fifty Shades of Grey
    Recommended Both
    Color White
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Plumero Blanco Cincuenta Sombras

White Duster fifty shades

White Duster fifty shades. The use of dusters during the preliminary games is often the prelude to more intense experiences that do not have to follow on that line of the innocent caresses.

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