Women's Silicone Medicinal Lubricant Eros 100 ml

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Product description

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Women's Silicone Medicinal Lubricant Eros 100 ml

Eros Silicone Glide and Care Woman 100 ml

What is it?

It brings texture and freshness to your intimate relationships in a very natural way. This silicone-based Eros lubricant contains aloe vera and vitamin E. Two great natural ingredients to ensure silky, sliding, safe and pleasurable penetrations.

Advantages of Eros silicone lubricant

  • You only need to use a small amount of product.
  • The effects are very long-lasting and provide comfort and safety.
  • It is a lubricant without oils or perfumes, suitable for the most sensitive skin.
  • You can use it seamlessly with latex condoms and most erotic toys.
  • It is a water-soluble product of rapid absorption that leaves no traces on the skin or tissues.

How to use

The high concentration of this silicone-based lubricant allows you to enjoy its lasting effects without applying a lot of product.

Use it directly on your genitals, in your most intimate areas, on the condom or on the surface of your favorite erotic toys.

Feel hydration and softness of its effects immediately and you won't have to constantly make apps.


  • Silicone vaginal lubricant.
  • Long-lasting moisturizing effect.
  • Contains aloe vera and vitamin E
  • Colorless and odorless.
  • Pack quantity: 100 ml.

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    Data sheet

    Brand   Eros
    Materials Silicone
    Recommended She
    Color Transparent
    Top box 15 cm
    Box width 4 cm
    Long box 4 cm
    Box weight 0.15 Kg
    Totally safe packing   Unmarked package

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Eros Lubricante Medicinal Silicona para Mujer 100 ml

Women's Silicone Medicinal Lubricant Eros 100 ml

What are you looking for in a vaginal lubricant? Hydration, moisture, freshness and pleasure are the basic ingredients of this intimate feminine cosmetics product.

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